Autumn Classes & Programs

Looking for something FUN and EDUCATIONAL after school?

The Center will offer several socially distanced classes for your kids. Space will be very limited!

Hanover Arts & Activities Center will take the following precautions during classes & programs:

Students will be asked to complete a daily screening each morning assessing health and that of family members in a student’s household.

Students with family members that are COVID positive will not be allowed to attend class.

Should a student present symptoms while at class, they will be separated from the group and a parent must be available for immediate pick-up.

Students will wash hands upon arrival following CDC guidelines.

Hand sanitizing stations will be available throughout the building.

Students over the age of 6 must wear masks during camp unless participating in an outside activity. The Center will provide masks for each student and staff if needed.  Masks from home are acceptable.

Students must provide their own snack sealed in a zip lock bag and bring their own container of water. (The Center can provide a bottled water or a pre-packaged snack if necessary-handled only by staff wearing gloves.)  Sharing food is prohibited.

Students will be socially distanced in the building and each student will have their own work table. All work tables and highly touched surfaces will be cleaned throughout the camp period.

Each student will have their own materials and will access them separately each day.  No materials will be shared.

Restrooms will be disinfected between uses.

Parents will be required to provide a medical form (standard) and to sign an additional COVID waiver before children can attend classes.

Camp Bloom Fall for Flowers

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Camp Bloom, Jr. is back! Join Andrea Ferment, owner of Honeygirl Flowers, as she pairs with the Center in our quest to create after-school arts programming for the Hanover Community. 

“Fall for Flowers” will be held on four consecutive Thursdays in October from 4:30-5:30 p.m. Campers will explore the beauty of the flowers, the trees, and the natural abundance of the Fall season in a series of fun crafts and activities. Each craft or activity will use a different artistic technique and material, and each will allow participants to explore and appreciate the natural world around us in new ways. Most of these classes will also feature short presentations related to the crafts given by local artists and experts. These sessions are most enjoyable for kids in grades 3-8.


Camp Bloom for Grown Ups

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Join Andrea Ferment of Honeygirl Flowers for a Camp Bloom event for grown ups. We all love to pick up a fresh bunch of flowers at the grocery store, but how can we make the most of those blooms once we get them home? Too often, what looks pretty in cellophane looks lonely and stiff  when plonked into a vase! In this workshop, you will learn: