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The Hanover Arts and Activities Center has been going strong for more than 40 years in large part because of our wonderful members.  Their financial support not only helps to keep this old building maintained (no small feat!), it also ensures that we continue to carry out our Mission — to play a vital role in the enrichment of our community through cultural, educational and community events.  The Center needs your support!  Can you imagine Ashland and Hanover without this treasure?   Help us keep the doors open and make lasting and cherished memories for your family.  Consider becoming a Member today!

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By joining or renewing your Membership, you are helping to preserve the history and traditions of our community and creating new opportunities for the education and enrichment of our neighbors.

Enjoy the Benefits.

Members can not only enjoy the many programs and activities that their support enables, they also recieve the Center’s regular newsletter, invitation to our Annual Meeting, special acknowledgement of their donation. *

* As provided by law, memberships are fully tax deductible. A financial statement for the Hanover Arts & Activities Center is available upon written request from the Office of Consumer Affairs.